How to Choose the Best Random Orbital Sander

Choosing the best random orbital sander is not an easy decision, even for woodworkers who have a fair amount of knowledge and experience regarding sanding and the best sanders. Picking out a random orbital sander mostly depends on the tasks you need to perform with it. Even then, some features will put you in a pickle. Deciding on a random orbital sander will get easier if you make a list.

For example, if you make a list of the features you need and the ones that are extra, you will be able to cross off some items from the list and get closer to your next random orbital sander. Again, buying a sander is all about meeting your needs, but here are a few features you should consider before purchasing one.

Variable Speed

The most important feature that you need in a random orbital sander is a speed knob that will let you change the sanding speed and aggression quickly. For the best sanding action, this knob should be accessible so that you don't have to pause sanding before changing the speed. It's essential for a smooth finish to control the speed as you will need to slow down the sander when you're trying to smoothen the surface. A quick survey will show that the devices with speed knobs demand extra dollars, but it is a feature worth having.

Better Grip

The grip is an essential characteristic of a sander as you will have to hold it for elongated periods, so it is necessary that you use a sander with a comfortable grip. The problem with this feature is that the only way to test a sander's grip is by trying it out, as there are too many variables involved. The best way to ensure that the grip of the sander is ideal for you is to visit a shop and grab hold of it. Make sure your fingers wrap around the machine easily and that you're able to reach the On/Off switch easily. Another feature that is worth having is a soft overmolded grip. This will help reduce the vibration and fatigue during the long sessions of sanding.

Vacuum Option

Although most of the latest random orbital sanders come with a canister or dust bag, it can be useful to get one that has a connection for a vacuum. It should be compatible with standard vacuum nozzle sizes. Connecting to a vacuum will help you keep your workplace as well as your lungs clean and make your sanding process smoother.

Long Cords

One thing you don't need while sanding is loose connections. If you have to use extension cords because the actual cord is too small, you'll be making your sanding process a lot more hectic than usual. Longer cords will solve this problem as well as give you a lot of room to move and work.
09/23/2016 14:00:43
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